Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An Article on Modesty

I have never appreciated it when women have worn yoga pants in public. Even women that I think would agree with modesty seem to think that just because yoga pants aren't tiny shorts, they are okay.
But I would disagree.
I think they're too revealing, and I think this article is excellent. I admire modesty, and personally, I want people to like me for what is in my heart, not what I wear (or don't wear). I think the following article also points out some very important misunderstood conceptions about modesty. Too many people think that if you believe in modesty, you must think that all women are more wicked than men for seducing them, or perhaps that men are more wicked than women because they look at a woman. The truth is, we're both equally sinful, and modesty is not only a choice but a battle tactic that we use against Satan's attempts to drown us in sin. I want to fight with all my armor on, don't you?

That Day I Wore Yoga Pants: 5 Myths About Modesty

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